Monday, December 22, 2008

LeFevre Family Annual Christmas Party

Brexen and Jaxton
Trevin and Taysia
The kids making their craft--- foam trees
Lance helping Carson and Aniston make their trees
Ken, Debbie, and Claire eating- We had a great "feast"!
Mason, aka "Mase-a-roni" or Captain Weiner, as his dad lovingly calls him

Daryn, aka "Goat"
Ben's giving them all "hints" as to how to break the pinata

Jaclyn and daughter Ava- It was so fun to have her there- we don't get to see her very often!
Logan and Shania
Riley, Misty, Debbie, Claire, (hiding) Lyla, Adam, and Ashley
Aniston, Lisa, Craig, Natalie, and Max
Marium and Loretta
The clean-up after the big event